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January 28, 2015

EPA decision on Argentine biodiesel imports riles US industry

BY The National Biodiesel Board The National Biodiesel Board sharply criticized a decision by the EPA to allow streamlined Argentinian biodiesel imports to the U.S. under the RFS. The decision allows Argentinian biodiesel producers to use a survey plan for certifying feedstock. READ MORE

January 27, 2015

Moving biodiesel in the pipeline: sequencing matters

BY Ron KotrbaAt the National Biodiesel Conference, Rod Woodford of Explorer Pipeline discussed tests his company conducted in a segment of its pipeline. With the right sequencing, Woodford said there's a way to confidently move B5 in the same line as jet fuel. READ MORE

January 27, 2015

EU legislators called on to recognize advantages of biodiesel

BY The European Biodiesel Board On the occasion of a high-level policy conference in Brussels organized by the biodiesel supply chain, prominent researchers have underlined the benefits of biodiesel as well as their reservations regarding the readiness of the ILUC science. READ MORE

January 27, 2015

Lanxess introduces new Baynox stabilizers for biodiesel

BY Ron KotrbaLanxess Corp. announced it has added two new highly concentrated antioxidants to its line of biodiesel stabilizers. The new products, Baynox Ultra and Baynox Cargo, were introduced to the U.S. market at the National Biodiesel Conference & Expo. READ MORE

January 27, 2015

Report highlights China's growth in biodiesel, ethanol production

BY Erin Voegele A report recently filed with the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service shows that China's biodiesel production grew last year, reaching nearly 300 million gallons, up 5 percent from 2013. This year, production is expected to exceed 314 million gallons. READ MORE

January 27, 2015

Algae demo project launched at world's largest refinery in India

BY Algenol Algenol and Reliance Industries have deployed India's first Algenol algae production platform. The demonstration module is located near the Reliance Jamnagar Refinery. The Algenol process is designed to convert 1 ton of CO2 into 144 gallons of fuel. READ MORE

January 26, 2015

BQ-9000 Retailer Program unveiled at Nat'l Biodiesel Conference

BY Ron KotrbaThe new BQ-9000 Retailer Program is the fourth segment of the growingly popular fuel quality assurance program, joining the previously established certifications for biodiesel producers, marketers and testing laboratories. READ MORE

January 26, 2015

Biodiesel advocates to fight for renewable fuels policy in DC

BY The National Biodiesel Board At the National Biodiesel Conference & Expo in Fort Worth, Texas, renewable fuels supporters cheered as federal policy experts, including Byron Dorgan, Kenny Hulshof and Matt Blunt, urged advocates to write their own script for success. READ MORE

January 22, 2015

Biodiesel industry honors champions, career long-achievements

BY The National Biodiesel Board The NBB honored industry champions and those who have significantly impacted the industry during the National Biodiesel Conference in Texas this month. Awards were given for innovation, impact, influence, inspiration and pioneering spirit. READ MORE

January 20, 2015

Joe Jobe: 'The truth matters' in getting RFS back on track

BY The National Biodiesel Board Arguing that federal policy makers must see through the false attacks by renewable fuels opponents and provide certainty for their advanced biofuel industry, biodiesel advocates rallied Jan. 20 at the National Biodiesel Conference in Fort Worth. READ MORE

January 20, 2015

Methes to receive $4M for limited license of its biodiesel tech

BY Methes Energies International Ltd. Methes Energies International announced it has granted a U.S.-based entity a nonexclusive license to use Methes' design and software for a 3,000 liter per hour biodiesel processor to manufacture biodiesel processors for its own projects in the U.S. READ MORE

January 16, 2015

Boeing, Embraer open aviation biofuel research center in Brazil

BY Boeing At the new center, the companies will coordinate and co-fund research with Brazilian universities and other institutions. The research will focus on technologies that address gaps in creating a sustainable aviation biofuel industry in Brazil. READ MORE

January 16, 2015

Calif. industry event to focus on biodiesel's unique benefits

BY The California Biodiesel Alliance The fourth annual California Biodiesel Conference is titled Understanding the Unique Benefits and Regulatory Landscape of Biodiesel - California's Advanced Biofuel. Presented by the California Biodiesel Alliance, it will be held Feb. 4 in Sacramento. READ MORE

January 15, 2015

2014 US biodiesel numbers down slightly amid policy uncertainty

BY The National Biodiesel Board The U.S. biodiesel market shrunk in 2014 amid policy uncertainty in Washington that destabilized the industry. According to EPA data released Jan. 15, total U.S. biodiesel consumption was down nearly 50 million gallons from the record year in 2013. READ MORE

January 14, 2015

France increases biodiesel limit to 8 percent in diesel fuel

BY Ron KotrbaFrance's energy ministry recently issued an order to up the allowable biodiesel concentration in diesel fuel sold at public fueling stations across France. Ministerial order DEVR1431074A increases the allowable concentration from 7 to 8 percent. READ MORE

January 14, 2015

Houston fueling station prepares for B100, B50 dispensing

BY Ron KotrbaConstruction is nearly complete at Root Fuel's revamped Wallisville Road retail fueling location where Houston area truckers will soon be able to fill up on B100 and B50. The location currently sells B20, and next month B50 will go on sale. READ MORE

January 13, 2015

TruMarx intro's biodiesel, RINs transaction capability on COMET

BY TruMarx Data Partners Inc. COMET, an on-demand platform for custom bilateral OTC transactions created by TruMarx Data Partners, now supports direct bilateral transactions for biodiesel and assigned RINs, separated D4 RINs, and RINless biodiesel (wet gallons). READ MORE

January 12, 2015

UPM's $206M renewable diesel plant begins commercial production

BY Ron KotrbaCommercial operations have begun at UPM's Lappeenranta Biorefinery in Finland, UPM announced Jan. 12. The 32 MMgy plant uses a hydrotreatment process to convert crude tall oil from wood pulping operations into renewable diesel, branded BioVerno. READ MORE

January 09, 2015

Algae.Tec positions to enter greater China region

BY Ron KotrbaAlgae.Tec Ltd. has entered into an agreement with China Finance Strategies Investment Holdings Ltd. to get its technology to market in the greater China region, including the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. READ MORE

January 08, 2015

Market challenges, policy to take center stage at biodiesel show

BY The National Biodiesel Board The National Biodiesel Conference, to be held Jan. 19-22 in Ft. Worth, Texas, will highlight current market challenges facing the biodiesel industry, such as low oil prices, along with federal policy issues like EPA's overdue RFS volume requirements. READ MORE

January 08, 2015

2014 Iowa biodiesel production down slightly from 2013 record

BY The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association Iowa biodiesel production was 227 million gallons in 2014, down slightly from the 2013 record of 230 million gallons. Iowa's biodiesel production is expected to account for roughly 16 percent of total U.S. production for 2014. READ MORE

January 07, 2015

Report: Advanced biofuel production likely to double in 3 years

BY Sue Retka Schill E2's report projects that by 2017, as many as 180 companies are expected to produce 1.7 billion gallons of advanced biofuel. For biodiesel, E2 counts the volume coming from nonvirgin feedstocks in its definition of advanced biofuels. READ MORE

January 06, 2015

REG provides biodiesel blends for 78 buses in Ames, Iowa

BY Renewable Energy Group Inc. Renewable Energy Group Inc. announced a partnership between its blended fuels division and CyRide, the transit agency serving the city of Ames, Iowa, and Iowa State University, to supply biodiesel-blended fuel in 2015 for its CyRide bus fleet. READ MORE

January 06, 2015

Blue Ridge Biofuels expands biodiesel production

BY Ron KotrbaBlue Ridge Biofuels is expanding biodiesel production by renting space and installing processing equipment at the Catawba County EcoComplex, a LEED Silver certified facility in western North Carolina. BRB plans to nearly triple production this year. READ MORE

January 06, 2015

In Depth: Realizing the Vision to Reclaim, Recycle, Refuel

BY Ron KotrbaWith help from Viesel Fuel, Novozymes and Tactical Fabrication, Buster Halterman, the CEO of Buster Biofuels, is on the cusp of fulfilling his mission in cutting-edge ways by building the first enzymatic biodiesel plant on the West Coast. READ MORE

January 06, 2015

Opinion: Patenting Strategies in the Biodiesel Industry

BY Benjamin C. Spehlmann Obtaining a desirable scope of coverage, as defined by patent claims, involves a number of important considerations. Being mindful of these points can improve the chances of effectively protecting a biodiesel process or product technology. READ MORE

January 02, 2015

Inside NBB: #PumpUpBiodiesel social media campaign raises grassroots biodiesel support

BY The National Biodiesel Board Participants used the hashtag #PumpUpBiodiesel on both Twitter and Facebook throughout the month of November. This hashtag reflected the industry's goals of growing biodiesel to 10 percent of the diesel market by 2022, and increasing RFS volumes. READ MORE

December 31, 2014

Inside NBB: In Face of Uncertainty, Industry Must Fight On

BY Joe JobeDespite huge challenges and misinformation to the contrary, biodiesel has caused the goals of the entire advanced biofuel category in the renewable fuel standard to be met and exceeded every year. Now is no time to stop. We can succeed and we will. READ MORE

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