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February 10, 2016

California Biodiesel Conference to focus on regulatory stability

BY The California Biodiesel Alliance An absolute must for anyone doing or wanting to do business in the Golden State, the California Biodiesel Conference, to be held Feb. 24, will focus on new realities and possibilities as the state's industry enters an era of regulatory stability. READ MORE

February 09, 2016

Algae raceway paves path from lab to real-world applications

BY DOE/Sandia National Laboratories In a twist of geometry, an oval can make a line. The new algae raceway testing facility at Sandia National Laboratories may be oval in shape, but it paves a direct path between laboratory research and solving the demand for clean energy. READ MORE

February 09, 2016

Ensyn biocrude receives CARB approvals for refinery coprocessing

BY Ron KotrbaEnsyn Corp. announced it has been granted key regulatory approvals by California Air Resources Board pursuant to the LCFS on the company's application for its renewable fuel oil (RFO) to be used in coprocessing by California oil refineries. READ MORE

February 05, 2016

Biodiesel taking a bite out of emissions in the Big Apple

BY Tom Slunecka New York City has been a trailblazer in its approach to improving air quality. The city blends biodiesel with standard heating oil to create Bioheat for its buildings. A group of Minnesota soybean farmers recently toured NYC to see Bioheat in action. READ MORE

February 05, 2016

Super Bowl kicks off with clean diesel tech, renewable diesel

BY The Diesel Technology Forum The widely attended fan festivals and transportation to the NFL championship football game in San Francisco Feb. 7 are the latest in a long line of entities to recognize advanced biofuels in meeting climate, clean air and sustainability goals. READ MORE

February 03, 2016

REG to acquire Sanimax biodiesel plant in Wisconsin

BY Renewable Energy Group Inc. Renewable Energy Group announced Feb. 3 that it has signed an asset purchase agreement with Sanimax Energy LLC to acquire Sanimax's 20 MMgy nameplate capacity biodiesel refinery located in DeForest, Wisconsin. This is REG's 11th active U.S. plant. READ MORE

February 01, 2016

German biodiesel exports decline in 2015

BY UFOP German biodiesel exports from January through November 2015 were down almost a quarter from the same period in 2014. The sharp drop in exports was first and foremost based on a massive decline in deliveries to the Netherlands, France and Poland. READ MORE

February 01, 2016

Melbourne researchers discover cheaper way to make algae biofuels

BY University of Melbourne Published in Energy and Environmental Science, the new method developed by University of Melbourne researchers purifies CO2 in power station flue gases by absorbing it into a liquid. This liquid is then pumped through hollow fiber membranes. READ MORE

January 29, 2016

Howell says 2016 may be busiest year yet for biodiesel at ASTM

BY Ron KotrbaAn abundance of biodiesel activities at ASTM may make 2016 the busiest year yet at the organization, said National Biodiesel Board senior technical advisor Steve Howell, who detailed ongoing and future technical work to expand biodiesel markets. READ MORE

January 28, 2016

Biodiesel board honors climate champs, career-long achievements

BY The National Biodiesel Board Landmark climate efforts, heavy-duty vehicle market dominance and lifetime careers dedicated to the advancement of biodiesel were all honored by the Nat'l Biodiesel Board late January during the National Biodiesel Conference & Expo in Tampa, Florida. READ MORE

January 28, 2016

Tamoil sells renewable diesel blend in northern Italian Alps

BY Ron KotrbaTamoil has begun selling arctic diesel containing a minimum of 20 percent Neste renewable diesel to its corporate customers in the northern Italian Alps region. The product is marketed as Gasolio Artico Tamoil - New Generation Diesel fuel. READ MORE

January 28, 2016

NREL conducts biodiesel stability study in HPCR fuel systems

BY Ron KotrbaNREL's Robert McCormick presented results at the 2016 National Biodiesel Conference from a recent study on biodiesel stability in high-pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel systems for diesel engines. The results show current standards are adequate. READ MORE

January 26, 2016

Biodiesel poised to fuel US carbon strategy

BY The National Biodiesel Board Intentional strategies of deception, modeled after those pioneered by the tobacco industry, are working to spread doubt about climate change and the need for action. At the 2016 National Biodiesel Conference, biodiesel is standing up for the truth. READ MORE

January 26, 2016

Peterbilt, Kenworth truck maker PACCAR approves B20 use

BY The National Biodiesel Board CEO of the National Biodiesel Board Joe Jobe presented PACCAR with the Eye on Biodiesel Initiative Award. The new PACCAR MX-11 engine and all model years of its MX-13 engine, both legacy models and new equipment, are now approved for B20 use. READ MORE

January 26, 2016

ExxonMobil, REG to research biodiesel from cellulosic sugars

BY Renewable Energy Group Inc. ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co. and Renewable Energy Group Inc.'s Life Sciences subsidiary have announced an agreement to study the production of biodiesel by fermenting renewable cellulosic sugars from sources such as agricultural waste. READ MORE

January 25, 2016

US biodiesel consumption hits nearly 2.1 billion gallons in 2015

BY The National Biodiesel Board Domestic production remained flat at about 1.42 billion gallons, compared with about 1.47 billion gallons in 2014 and 1.50 billion gallons in 2013. Meanwhile, imports rose from 510 million gallons in 2014 to an estimated 670 million gallons in 2015. READ MORE

January 22, 2016

GoodFuels gets RSB certification for sustainable marine biofuels

BY GoodFuels Marine GoodFuels Marine, part of the GoodNRG Group, has received the highest standard of certification from the Roundtable of Sustainable Biomaterials, enabling the company to actively sell and promote RSB-certified biofuels to the shipping industry. READ MORE

January 22, 2016

Soy processing grows as vegetable oil prices remain at record low

BY UFOP Global soybean oil production has risen 5 percent, based on the 2015-'16 record supply of feedstock. In December, the FAO vegetable oil price index rose by almost 2 percent, but remains at a nine-year low although biodiesel production has increased. READ MORE

January 22, 2016

Oslo Airport first in the world to offer Neste biojet fuel

BY Neste Corp. Oslo Airport Gardermoen is the world's first airport to offer renewable aviation fuel refined by Neste for refueling airplanes. Lufthansa, SAS and KLM have already announced that they will be refueling their planes with a renewable blend in Oslo. READ MORE

January 21, 2016

Insolvent biodiesel maker ARFuels enters voluntary administration

BY Ron KotrbaAustralian Renewable Fuels announced its board of directors has placed the company into a state of voluntary administration, which is a form of insolvency arrangement. The firm cites declining oil prices and federal policy uncertainty as reasons. READ MORE

January 20, 2016

Arkema's MSA LC for biodiesel aids production, protects equipment

BY Arkema Inc. Arkema introduces its Methane Sulfonic Acid – Low Corrosion (MSA LC), a low-corrosion version of its MSA that provides a wide range of benefits to the esterification industry in general and the biodiesel industry in particular. READ MORE

January 20, 2016

Eni rolls out renewable diesel blend to 3,500 stations in Italy

BY Ron KotrbaEni, the Italian oil major that converted its Venice oil refinery to a renewable diesel manufacturing plant, is rolling out its renewable blended product to 3,500 fuel stations across Italy this month. The fuel contains 15 percent renewable diesel. READ MORE

January 20, 2016

Insurance for new biofuel oilseed crop carinata now available

BY USDA Risk Management Agency Producers in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota can now insure carinata by written agreement under the canola and rapeseed insurance plans, according to USDA. A written agreement request must be submitted to insurance companies by March 15. READ MORE

January 19, 2016

US Navy deploys carrier strike group powered by alternative fuels

BY Katie FletcherThe U.S. Navy launches the first vessels of its Great Green Fleet Jan. 20 at the San Diego Naval Air Station North Island, Carrier Pier. The carrier strike group deployment, including an aircraft carrier and a destroyer, is powered by alt energy. READ MORE

January 19, 2016

EPA rules for Argentinian biodiesel imports challenged in court

BY The American Soybean Association The National Biodiesel Board recently filed a legal brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit regarding its petition for review of EPA rules on Argentinian biodiesel imports under the renewable fuel standard (RFS). READ MORE

January 19, 2016

In Depth: Standing On Its Own 2 Feet

BY Anna SimetDespite less than ideal economic and policy conditions, the biodiesel industry continues to move forward, and not just one project at a time. Here are several plants that have come on-line in late 2015 or are preparing to start operations in 2016. READ MORE

January 19, 2016

Opinion: A New Acid for Your Biodiesel Process

BY Joseph BorstLutropur MSA can be used to improve process separations, eliminate formation of solids, allow processing of high FFA feedstocks and boost biodiesel yield. Lutropur MSA has several benefits over conventional acids used in biodiesel processing. READ MORE

January 15, 2016

In Depth: Back On Solid Ground

BY Ron KotrbaAfter an extended period of policy uncertainty, the final renewable fuel standard (RFS) rule and a two-year retroactive reinstatement of the $1-per-gallon blenders tax credit are expected to bring stability back to the U.S. biodiesel sector. READ MORE

January 14, 2016

Iowa biodiesel production breaks record in 2015

BY The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association IRFA announced Jan. 13 that despite policy uncertainty for nearly all of 2015, Iowa biodiesel production set a new annual record of 242 million gallons. The use of soy oil decreased, but it remains the largest biodiesel feedstock at 66 percent. READ MORE

January 14, 2016

Opinion: California Launches New Fuel Policies in 2016

BY Graham NoyesAccording to the 2015 State Agency Greenhouse Gas Report Card, California GHG policies reduced more than 37 million metric tons of GHG emissions in 2013, and the state intends to quadruple that rate of reduction by 2020. READ MORE

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