A Holiday Giving of Biodiesel Thanks

Twelve things I'm thankful for this Holiday
By Ron Kotrba | November 27, 2013

Given the uncertainty with federal RFS policy as we move into 2014, it may not be easy for U.S. biodiesel producers and industry stakeholders to be thankful right now. But there are still plenty of reasons to give thanks this Holiday Season. Here’s what I’m thankful for.

1. Record production in 2013—biodiesel producers have gone above and beyond by a wide margin this year. This ought not to go unnoticed by the EPA when the agency sets its final 2014 RFS volumes early next year.

2. Biodiesel investors—those who have believed in this industry and its future enough to put thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars on the line despite years of wavering federal public policy.

3. Biodiesel equipment and service providers—without your products and expertise, a commercial biodiesel industry would not be possible.

4. The resilience of producers—their ability to ride the market waves is truly impressive.

5. The global biodiesel complex—biodiesel production is worldwide: South America, Europe, Australia, North America, Asia and Africa. Who knows, maybe someone out there wants to be the first biodiesel producer in Antarctica.

6. Strong U.S. state biodiesel policies—states like Minnesota where B10 will be the required blend at the pump next year; or California, where the low carbon fuel standard is providing real opportunity for biodiesel growth; or the Northeast states where Bioheat mandates create significant demand. These progressive policies provide a buffer against compromised federal policies.

7.  Biodiesel buyers—whether it’s a local distributor, an obligated party, a foreign company importing fuel or an end-user, without your purchases, this industry would not exist.

8. Experts in the field—thank you for taking the time to teach, profess, speak, present and disseminate your knowledge through various media, events and courses; and for taking the time to share information with people like me.

9. A strong U.S. organization—the National Biodiesel Board—that tirelessly lobbies and advocates for its members.

10. Biodiesel Magazine readers and subscribers—thank you for trusting our publication to keep you informed on all the latest biodiesel news, technology and information.

11. Biodiesel Magazine’s publisher, BBI International—thank you for continuing to believe in biodiesel, the Biodiesel Magazine product line, and my direction of it.

12. Biodiesel Magazine advertisers—your support for the magazine that supports the industry, the only biofuel magazine dedicated exclusively to biodiesel, is truly appreciated. Don’t miss the Dec. 9 advertising deadline to be in the January/February issue, which will be distributed at the 2014 National Biodiesel Conference in San Diego Jan. 20-23, in conference attendee bags given at the registration desk. The January/February issue will also be available on the expo hall floor. NBB anticipates 1,200 to 1,500 attendees, a highly targeted audience for your biodiesel product or service. Also, don’t miss the Dec. 2 deadline to advertise in the 2014 Biodiesel Industry Directory, which will also be available at the Biodiesel Magazine booth in the expo hall at the conference. Contact your account representative today: Chip, 701-738-4911 (; Kelsi, 701-738-4976 (; Brittany, 701-738-4920 (; or Howard, 218-416-0338 (