DC fly-in set to rally for biodiesel tax credit

On Nov. 29, dozens of biodiesel stakeholders from across the country will flock to Capitol Hill to push for passage of the $1 per gallon biodiesel tax credit, which lapsed nearly a year ago
By Ron Kotrba | November 21, 2012

The National Biodiesel Board is organizing a fly-in open to all biodiesel stakeholders Nov. 29 to converge on the nation’s capital and push lawmakers to pass an extenders package that includes the $1 per gallon biodiesel tax credit.

“We are encouraging all biodiesel stakeholders to attend the fly-in to ensure that our industry makes its voice heard as Congress wraps up its unfinished business in the lame duck session,” says Ben Evans, director of federal communications for the National Biodiesel Board. “We believe there is a good possibility that Congress will pass a tax extenders package, and we believe the biodiesel incentive is in a good position to be included if they do. But again, lawmakers listen mostly to their constituents, and we need producers, marketers, feedstock suppliers and really everyone to weigh in so that members of Congress know this is something that impacts their constituents and their local economy.”  

So far, a couple of dozen people have signed up to come, says Evans, including stakeholders from California, Iowa, North Carolina, South Dakota, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Minnesota. “We expect to have maybe a dozen more,” Evans tells me. “We will have a morning breakfast to review the issues and then everyone will head to Capitol Hill for meetings with their members of Congress.” For those who are interested in joining their biodiesel peers for the Nov. 29 fly-in to Washington, D.C., contact Ben Evans at Those who plan on attending must schedule their own meetings with their representatives and senators, but Evans and other NBB personnel are available to offer guidance and help find staff contacts for their legislators.

You’ll recall that in August, a senate tax extenders package, which included the biodiesel tax credit, passed the senate finance committee markup. That same tax package should serve as the base package for Senate debate moving forward, Evans says. It includes a biodiesel extension retroactive to Jan. 1 of this year through the end of 2013.

“There hasn’t been any tangible progress in terms of legislative movement since then,” Evans says. “But that was expected with the elections overtaking the past few months.”  Behind-the-scenes talks are continuing though, according to Evans, who says that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently listed tax extenders on a priority list for the lame duck session. “So again, anything could happen,” Evans says. “Congress has a lot on its plate, but we believe enough members of Congress understand the importance of these tax incentives to the economy and that there is a good probability they can come together and pass a tax extenders package. This is a jobs issue, and nearly everyone seems to agree that jobs should be the No. 1 priority right now.”


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  1. mike



    white knucle time price goes up ...and price goes down too

  2. Roman



    I have not heard much from the ethanol industry on this topic. While their tax credit had a different basis, there was a feel that they were related. While the tax credit is very important, I would also start laying the groundwork for the next increase in mandated volume for 2014 (1.6 billion gallons wouild be a good number, push up another 20%...). I think biodiesel plants are ready for some Plant Optimization, Energy Efficiency and Debottlenecking to increase capacity.

  3. Neil



    Can you provide a draft letter that we can send to our congressmen and senators? I can probably get a few crop associations to sign on to the initiative also.

  4. Christian Thalacker



    School Boards, PTAs and Chambers of Commerce across USA should be motivated how Biodiesel reduces Asthma. Slow pitch over home plate as School Boards have already endorsed Biodiesel to fight Asthma, USA's #1 chronic health epidemic: (a) Asthma causes 13 million missed school days annually in USA (b) Since 1980, Asthma death rate for children under 19 years old has increased by nearly 80% percent (c) Work Absenteeism due to Asthma = 10 Million Missed Work Days in USA (d) Almost as many Americans suffer from Asthma & Allergies (60 Million) as combined for Diabetes + Coronary Heart Disease + Cancer + Stroke + Alzheimer's + Parkinson's disease (67 Million)

  5. Kaleb Little



    Neil, you can find draft letters, talking points, economic studies, contact information and other resources at: You can also contact the National Biodiesel Board Washington DC office at 202-737-8801 for additional details.

  6. Joesph



    Can some one tell me how this tax credit helps any one other than the larger ag houses (ADM, Bunge, Cargill, etc). When the tax credit was put into place before feedstock prices got higher and biodiesel got cheaper. So how does the tax credit help a Biodiesel Plant?

  7. Richard



    Joesph, it's true feedstock prices tend to rise with the tax credit in play, thats one reason why some are not in favor of it. But if a biodeisel plant ssells B99.9 (splashes a small amt of diesel fuel onsite), then they recieve a $1 tax credit per gallon sold. So if a prodcuer sells 5 million gallons of B99.9, they receive a $5million tax credit....

  8. Joesph



    Richard: What does it matter if the site gets a $5 million tax credit if the price of biodiesel is such that it essentially takes the lions share of the $5 million dollars. My point is if we are going to give money to biodiesel plant big Ag or Oil....not so great.


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